EJ Randall

Meet Me

Hello, I play piano while singing songs that I wrote. Some folks have said that I sound like a mix of Elton John and Terry Callier. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. A lot of my friends call me EJ. My grandparents were also into music and worked with some folks like Earl Hines and Benny Goodman. My parents didn’t have anything to do with music and we never could afford to put me into music school. On my 13th birthday I received a keyboard. Without my family having much money and in-between working as a roofer with my family and school, lessons had to be self-taught. I have studied some of the finest musicians. This has led me to respect the history that came before me. My music comes from what I've lived. Now residing in San Francisco I hope to have the opportunity to work with bay area bands and write music.

For about four years I wrote songs and performed on several stages in the bay area as a front man for a band called Solcraft.  

I also enjoy working with photographers. The color photo above was taken by Michelle Hoover and the rest of the Photos were taken by Kaushik Amruthur.